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Enviromental Protection

We at Galil Raw Materials Ltd are totally focused on ecological aspects and on the safety and health of our employees.
We have environmental training policy. Every chemical and product is accompanied with MSDS sheet.
We constructed the plant so no polluting draining water could enter the city sewage. The smokestack and sewage are being monitored by external contractors to ensure that our procedures prevent any chance of pollution.
Special roof draining system diverts clean rain water into the city sewage. Draining water from the plants floor is conveyed into ponds where water is being treated with pH control and correction so that only unpolluted water will enter the city sewage system. We also installed a safety check valve that will prevent plant chemicals from entering the city's supply water.
All the liquids storage tanks have spill containers around them. The plants' floors are made from suitable proofing material.
All the garbage is collected by a contractor to a site which was built according to Israel environmental laws.
We sort packing materials (cartons, plastics) sending them to recycling companies.
We are using a solar panels system that converts sunlight into electricity. This alternative energy source reduces the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases that result from the use of fossil fuels. We work according to Israeli environmental laws, and under supervision of the "Ministry of environmental protection".

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